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In these last few years, GCW have introduced new door systems. One of these systems is the Sliding Metal Cases for gypsum partitions. These system allow you to save a lot of space by utilising the wall's thickness for sliding the door. Furthermore this innovative door system is very easy to install, durable and ideal for saving space.

Thanks to the stem wood and the mounting system of Sliding Metal Cases door it was extremely easy to assemble the wooden components. Built with quality certified materials, that are selected with care and precision, to give maximum reliability and does not require any kind of maintenance.

This is the result of an in-depth study in mechanics. The system consists of an aluminum guide and a pair of bearings that can take up to 120kg. per leaf. Composed of a nylon structure with 4 wheels, also nylon, joined by an axis of 8mm steel, which rotates within a bearing. This ensures a lightweight sliding and extremely silent system.

The standard sliding systems have undergone laboratory tests that certify their proper functioning. They are certified to over 150,000 cycles of sliding.

The Sliding Metal Case system comes ready built. You don't need to build it yourself, just follow the easy installations guide (see below) and you are done!
  • Remove it from the cartoon box
  • Slide and clip on the rail into the top part of the cases where is marked A on the drawing attached
  • Screw 2 screws to fix the piece of wood or metal to the rail where is marked B
Cassar Woodworks have introduced the Sliding Metal Case doors for gypsum partitions
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Installation instructions:
  • Prepare the metal Gypsum structure round the Sliding Metal Case in order to fix the Sliding metal case into it...
  • Fix the Sliding Metal Case with the Gypsum Metal structure with screws.
  • Cover with Gypsum Boards the part on the Sliding Metal Case where the door is going to slide in and continue to cover all the structure of the partition you have built round the Sliding Metal Case.
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