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The scene was set in 1980, when George Cassar started his carpentry business from a small garage in Qormi. In less than a decade of operation, business growth dictated a move to a larger outfit. In 1987, George Cassar Woodworks (GCW) relocated to Ta’ Qali. A former RAF Airfield, Ta’ Qali now houses a variety of workshops which were traditionally housed in old Nissen huts. At the time, a modern and more permanent upgrade was already in the works, though it took around twenty years to fully materialise into what it is now.

At the time, George Cassar’s focus was on the productions of wood handrails and balustrades for the terraced houses that were all the rage in the 1990s. This kind of production continued for fifteen years, until the terraced houses trend converted into the construction of apartments. During this time, Johann Cassar, who is the 2nd generation Proprietor and Managing Director of George Cassar Woodworks Ltd, took it onto himself to develop the family craft into a business. Malta joining the European Union was seen as an opportunity to diversify a waning business. After an initial interest in the installation of spiral and modular staircases proved to be of less interest to the general public, the business of doors proved to be catalytic in turning the company’s fortunes around.

This is when the company started importing semi-finished components, mainly from Italy. Machines that enabled local assembly were bought and installed and within a year, this business decision proved to be a fruitful one.

Johann Cassar, Proprietor and Managing Director of George Cassar Woodworks Ltd

Mr Johann Cassar; 2nd generation Proprietor and Managing Director of George Cassar Woodworks Ltd

By August 2020, following a four month relocation exercise, George Cassar Woodworks, shifted operations to their current showroom. This relocation exercise was a natural progression to meet the need for a dedicated facility, housing the head office, the showroom, and the factory. Although still based in Ta’ Qali, the current footprint, totalling 1500sqm is split into three areas – the showroom which takes up approximately 200sqm, whilst the rest is dedicated to storage and the factory area.

“For years we really worked miracles in the old factory area. We had a limited area where to work in and knowing that we would be relocating to bigger premises, had to stall any investment in new machinery” Johann Cassar

The factory now boasts some of the latest computerised technology. Central to its operations is a CNC Machine which not only allows for high precision workmanship but also enables flexibility to work with both blockboard and honeycombed wood. An added feature, is the ability to programme the machine for other jobs whilst it is carrying out a job – this increases operational efficiency allowing for shorter and more accurate delivery times.

At George Cassar Woodworks we are particularly enthusiastic about a system that we are currently developing, and which should be implemented in the current weeks. This system allows a seamless process flow starting from the creation of a quotation, its acceptance – including any changes requested by the client and onto the actual production and subsequent delivery and installation – which in total takes around four to six weeks depending on the amount of production taking place as well as national holidays such as Christmas, Easter and summer shutdowns. Delivery date estimates are always kept as low, and accurate, as physically possible.

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George Cassar Woodworks showroom in Ta'Qali Malta

The George Cassar Woodworks new showroom has not solely allowed the presentation of a large variety of doors, wood type and finishes to be amply displayed. The additional space was leveraged to create large, logistically efficient warehouse facilities, thus allowing the company to be well stocked at all times, reducing downtime, and delivery periods to quick time frames. The factory area is now endowed with advanced machinery based on efficiency, safety and environmental friendliness.


Knowledge of the technology in today's market allows us to offer unconstrained solutions.


Over 40 years of experience in the woodworking industry.


High quality range of doors. and customer service extensive.


Extensive product range offering various style and finish options.

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