GCW Malta | George Cassar Woodworks

Opening Solutions

Introducing quality opening solutions by George Cassar Woodworks that meet your requirements to transform your home spaces. 

Door Systems

Our doors can be customised to meet your needs and help in making your home what you have been wanting and more over what you have been needing. 

Sliding Doors

Most of our doors can be transformed into sliding doors. We have two types of sliding solutions:

  1. Pocket doors. By means of Sliding Metal Cases for gypsum partitions. These system allow you to save a lot of space by utilising the wall’s thickness for sliding the door. Pocket doors can be either 2-leaf sliding, right sliding or left sliding.
  2. Sliding on wall. These sliding doors can slide either to the left or to the right. They can be placed on the inside or outside of a wall.

Folding Doors

Internal folding doors allow you to create an open plan living space that can be divided into smaller spaces if necessary. Our high-quality wooden interior folding doors are designed to give a feeling of warmth and cosiness. Choose from Aurora, Lite or Shick 116 to customise the door you prefer into a folding door. 

Customise Your Door

When you order your door at George Cassar Woodworks we let you be in charge and choose from our available high quality handles, hinges and locks. However we will always guide you to what is best for your home.